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Wed Aug 21 02:27:58 CEST 2002


	In my recent dive into research, I've been looking through various
sample rate conversion algos, specifically the one discussed towards the
end of Chapter 14 in Chamberlin's "Musical Applications Of
Microprocessors". I'm specifically interested in the filter function of
14-30(d) where a 13-point interpolation algorithm is used, and the filter
impulse is the result of a standard sin(x)/x combined with a tailing
function. Chamberlin notes that tailing functions are explained in Chapter
16, but when I go through Ch. 16, there's no mention of tailing functions
whatsoever. I've got the second edition of the book, and I'm completely
lost. All the other filter plots are too noisy, and doing any kind of
filter analysis other than straight sin(x)/x impulse responses could be
legally dangerous. 
	If anyone has a copy of Chamberlin, I'd like to know where this
is. I've read Chapter 16 several times, to no avail. My only other option
is to contact Hal directly, and I don't want to bother him with simple
things like this. 

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