[sdiy] fanning grounds vs. dirty/clean ground

jhaible jhaible at debitel.net
Tue Aug 20 23:57:10 CEST 2002

> > * use two separate feedback paths (needs some calculation).
> >
> Don't get that last one, how two separate feedback paths and perhaps more
> interesting what calculations?

This is hard to explain with a few words. Anybody got a link for that?
It should be in most old opamp data books ...

You have a series resistor between the opamp output and your (capacitive)
load, and one feedback (resistor) goes from _after_the series resistor
to the negative opamp input, and a second feedback (capacitor) goes from
_before_ the series resitor to the negative opamp input. I have never
*calculated* these values - I just optimize them in PSpice for a specific


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