[sdiy] Re[2]: Behringer mixers...

Machinerygod machinerygod at prism.net
Wed Aug 21 00:12:12 CEST 2002

I've been following this thread with some interest since I was just
about to buy a behringer MX2642 but held off on it due to reading
posts here about their apparent lack of quality. I was using one live
(owned by another band member) and it was somewhat flaky but sounded
OK. Though there are a lot of aspects of a mixers performance that
don't become readily apparent when you're putting mainly power tools
and contact mics through it.

I'm thinking of looking at mackie's offerings even though they're more
expensive. I preferably need something I can optionally rackmount, with 16 to
24 channels. XLR ins and outs would be nice.

Anybody have any ideas or any particular models they use and are happy

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