[sdiy] Mackie Mod

Moho Disco moho at mohodisco.com
Tue Aug 20 23:02:40 CEST 2002

I'm posing this OT question to the list simply because the guy
I talked to at Mackie didn't seem to really know what he was
talking about...

So I'm trying to mod my 1202vlz so that the stereo channels
aren't summed to mono at the aux 1 and 2 outputs. I want
to change things so the left channel goes out aux 1 and the
right channel goes out aux 2. So I found this block diagram:


I have circled what appear to be a pair of summing resistors
leading to the aux 1/2 pots; the area I shall modify.

So (thanks to some help) I figured I might be able to do
it this way:


The top drawing is the original path, the bottom one is the
mod.  Will that work?

I only have one question: Are those resistors simply summing
resistors? If they are, then I can tap the signal pre-resistor
and send it straigh to the respective aux pots since I don't
have to combine two signals.

On the other hand, the resistors also could be there to take
a load off, and I might be feeding too much juice to the aux
pots if I tap the signal pre-resistor?

What do you guys think? Will this mod work, and should I do
it pre or post resistor?



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