[sdiy] Behringer Mixers

J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at iquest.net
Tue Aug 20 21:14:06 CEST 2002

OK, I'll throw in my $.02 and recent experience with one of these puppies.

I have like many looked at the price of those mixers and wondred how they
could make such a mixer at such cheap prices.  So, I recently needed a small
sub mixer for a new A/V system we put in at our church.  I have a nice Makie
for the mics and such, but I needed a sub for the guy controlling the
overhead video and recorded music.

I bought one of those 802s that has 6/channels 8 inputs. For $99 it has a
lot of features like pre & post fade sends, 3 band of EQ.  And, it seems to
be reasonably well constructed.  However, the mixer is very far from being
transparent.  The EQ is not very good IMHO either.  This seems to be a
simple case of looks great, sounds cheap.

Itis good enough for what I am using it for (live program material needing
little if any EQ).  And, I feel like I got my money's worth for $99.  But,
no way would I use one recording.    Maybe their more expensive mixers are
better.  But, these cheap ones are not as good sounding as they are looking.
I need to investigate additionally, but it appears that the output on mine
is phase reversed from the inputs.  That makes it useless for anything like
effects sub mix return, etc.  The phase reversal is either there or in my
Mackie.  Odds are....

Larry H

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From: Phillip Swanson
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Subject: [sdiy] Behringer Mixers

Hi all,

Maybe instead of trying samson or nady I will go ahead and give the Eurorack
a chance,
My thought is if there so bad like alot people say they are, but then why
are alot of people using them still then ? so how bad can they really be.

 I mostly been using the mixer that comes with software I use, but recently
starting expanding my small home studio so I need to get a good mixer after
all, but right now I'm on a tight budget.

 I mostly just use synthesizers and sound modules.

  The behringer models I were looking at were the MX2642A and the MX2004A
They are the silver models

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