[sdiy] DC/DC and DC/AC conversion...

Rainer Buchty buchty at cs.tum.edu
Tue Aug 20 16:18:46 CEST 2002

Hi there,

I got a bunch of VFDs which didn't come with one of those handy
conversion devices allowing to completely drive it with 5VDC. Instead,
they need 9VAC for the filament and 50VDC anode voltage.

Since I'm kinda lost when it comes to truly analog stuff, maybe one of you
can point me to the right direction how to build such a beast.

Thanks in advance,


Rainer Buchty, LRR, Technical University of Munich @ Garching
Phone: +49 89 289-18476, Fax +49 89 289-28232, Room 01.06.061

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