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John L Marshall john.l.marshall at gte.net
Mon Aug 19 22:05:39 CEST 2002


I still use the original sponge on mine. It is more than 30 years old. Just
keep the sponge sopping wet.

Patchell saw and commented on this old iron at the PNW synth meeting.

Take care,
Pacific Northwest DIY Synthesizer meeting, July 20, 2002
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> > I'm going to order a Weller WTCPT at the
> > recommendation of many of the list
> > members, and now I just need to know, what
> > extra tips should I order with
> > it?
> > Here's a link to the catalog page at mouser.com
> > http://www.mouser.com/index.cfm?handler=fra_pdfset&pdffile=682
> > Should I just use the one it comes with until I
> > see a need for something
> > else, or am is there other ones I will
> > definitely want to have?
> When I ordered my Weller iron, I bought a second of the small, pencil-like
> tip.  It works for 90% of what I need to do.  And for the places where I
> something heavier, a higher power iron is also called for (like soldering
> ground wires to guitar pots).
> That was maybe 6 years ago...the spare tip is still in the package, and
> original is still doing very well.  It isn't like a "toy" iron, where the
> loses it's point after a little while.
> Get an extra sponge or two, instead.
> Byron Jacquot

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