[sdiy] [OT] great little mixer?? (was: Behringer MX1804)

media.nai at rcn.com media.nai at rcn.com
Sun Aug 18 19:46:43 CEST 2002

>> > I'm surprised how many people who knock the Behringer mixers,

It doesn't surprise me at all :)

>my mixer is my main instrument, and especially use a lot of eq to beef
>>things up sometimes. a decent large analogue board can be had for peanuts
>>these days, and sounds infinitely better than a behringer, cheap mackie
>>(the new 1604 vlz pro does osund good) or spirit.

Since we are already off topic (unless this leads me to building my own
mixer :)  I'm looking to buy a compact mixer with at least 10 channels,
tape/line switches, mutes, solo, 4 aux sends, four buses, and a decent
monitor section.

Any suggestions??  Since I am selling my Mackie 24*8, I want to get
something that sounds better than a Mackie.  Money isn't the issue.  The
issue is space.  I am selling a pile of gear to turn around and buy more
powerful, more expensive, gear that takes up less space.  I'm also planning
to sell my 1963 4-ch tube mixer which is 3U and weighs a ton.

I considered the TL Audio 8-ch "tube" mixer, but it is way too thick (or
tall, or however you want to say it) to sit on a desk, only has 2 aux
sends, and the whole tube thing is way too gimmicky -- it only uses 5 dual
triode tubes (12AX7) for the whole board (one triode stage for each of the
8 inputs, and one on each output).

The ideal solution would be a $20K wristwatch, kind of like Dick Tracy,
that I could hold against my forehead, think about the track, and the cd
would pop out of my shirt pocket :)

The system will likely be a TiG4, MH Mobile i/o, 909, Prophecy, 1600x, one
rack of effects, a few non-rack vintage gizmos, and a big flat motm system
mounted vertically (and you though RPG made expensive diffusers :)  The
trouble is that I can't seem to find the right mixer.  Any ideas??  The
import thing is that it has enough bypass caps ;)

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