[sdiy] Anyone got a Dataman S4 ?

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Sun Aug 18 13:59:53 CEST 2002

Wow, that sounds like a ultra nice programmer to me.
But it also sounds like making your own ISP adaptor should be do able :)
If not prevented by a GAL or something on the adaptor :(
The AVR ISP connector is documented, maybe you can figure out the
connections on your programmer by taking a closer look?
Hope you find/hack the info you need to make one.

Good luck,

From: Colin Fraser <colin at colinfraser.com>

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> > Why use a parallel programmer for other than ROM?
> > With AVR (and think most PIC too) you can go the in-circuit way.
> > The uC stays on the PCB when programmed/reprogrammed much
> > more convenient
> > IMO.
> > The software needed is free and a "adaptor" cable really easy to DIY.
> The AVR and PIC programmers I have at the moment are both DIY types that
> use the parallel port.
> I have to keep an install of Windows ME on my PC to use them - the
> software can't access the parallel port under XP.
> The Dataman has a serial port to connect to the PC, and also has battery
> backed RAM, so you can store a number of different files in it, and
> write them to devices when required, without having to boot up the PC,
> connect up the programer, etc...
> The AVR adaptor for the Dataman is serial, and includes an ISP
> connector.
> Dataman also do adaptors for PALs, serial EEPROMs etc, but they are all
> expensive.
> Colin f

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