[sdiy] Anyone got a Dataman S4 ?

Colin Fraser colin at colinfraser.com
Sun Aug 18 10:59:51 CEST 2002

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> Why use a parallel programmer for other than ROM?
> With AVR (and think most PIC too) you can go the in-circuit way.
> The uC stays on the PCB when programmed/reprogrammed much 
> more convenient
> IMO.
> The software needed is free and a "adaptor" cable really easy to DIY.

The AVR and PIC programmers I have at the moment are both DIY types that
use the parallel port.
I have to keep an install of Windows ME on my PC to use them - the
software can't access the parallel port under XP.
The Dataman has a serial port to connect to the PC, and also has battery
backed RAM, so you can store a number of different files in it, and
write them to devices when required, without having to boot up the PC,
connect up the programer, etc...
The AVR adaptor for the Dataman is serial, and includes an ISP
Dataman also do adaptors for PALs, serial EEPROMs etc, but they are all

Colin f

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