[sdiy] Jones plug for EMS Synthi AKS

Richard Brooks richardbrooks at kdbanglia.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Aug 18 10:05:58 CEST 2002

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Subject: [sdiy] Jones plug for EMS Synthi AKS

> Hello,
> Anyone here know where to get a Jones plug to fit into an EMS Synthi AKS
> Jones socket?
> (Ideally in Europe, I've tried the RS-Components website, but couldn't
> one with four vertical and four horizontal prongs, like the one on a
> AKS)
> Thanks a lot

Try contacting suppliers to the military.

We used a specialist supplier for a robot that needed an umbilical and I
knew that these things existed as I saw these used by the RAF in their
aircraft electrical systems.

Failing that, contact Robin at EMS !  ;-)

He's a good bloke and being an ex-hippy will probably impart that knowledge
without you having to buy from him.


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