[sdiy] dirty/clean ground again

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Sun Aug 18 06:40:22 CEST 2002

Y-ellow Harry 'n' all.
         I still couldn't be bothered reefing through the NSC audio 
handbook right now to check my lack of memory against what they actually 
wrote compared to what I think they wrote. You know how it is. The flesh is 
willing by the mind is weak.

But what you wrote makes for a very compelling argument. In fact when I 
first started the practice of springy decoupling in audio circuses, it use 
to be a 100 ohm resistor then a cap to ground for each supply pin. After 
reading whatever it was I read in the NSC handbook I thought. "What the 
hell? It's more convenient anyway." I have not had a problem with this 
approach but I agree with your reasoning. I'll probably go back to that 
approach in future and you can consider me spanked.

However, I suspect that because of the afore mentioned 100 ohm resistors, 
this simply kills rail spikes dead and I've never had a problem for this 
reason alone. I did once have a problem with a multiplexed LED display 
system. But multiplexing LEDS 10 at a time creates some horrific spikes. I 
ended up having to lift the entire module through some pretty beefy 
resistors to kick it's ass. The same basic principal as above but on a very 
power hungry scale.

Nice analogy though Harry. I'll always remember that thing about hot and 
cold running women. Err that is what you said wasn't it? "I'm sorry your 
honor my memory of these events is a bit vague."

Be absolutely Icebox.

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