[sdiy] [OT] Behringer MX1804 - no excessive heat

Rude 66 r.lekx at chello.nl
Sun Aug 18 03:01:20 CEST 2002

> > I'm surprised how many people who knock the Behringer mixers,
> > (The older one's must really really have been junk?), But my newer
> > silver one is wonderful!
> >
> > ( $0.98 remaining on the cyndi meter after these two-cents)...

short explanation: 'plop' vs. 'boom'.

long explanation:  it's the sound.. i use one live occasionally, a 2642. the
differnce from something like a 909 or 808 bassdrum is astonishing. put
through a decent analogue board with a 'musical' eq, you get a nice low
boom, to which i always add extra mid/hi to hear the 'click' part. first of
all on the behringer that nice round low bottom just isn't there, second
adding any mid or worse, high only makes matters worse. the osund is what i
describe as 'wet paper bag'. now if you leave the eq's alone, use things
like the pc or sampler, clean things, then you're probably ok. my mixer ism
y main instrument, and especially use a lot of eq to beef things up
sometimes. a decent large analogue board can be had for peanuts these days,
and sounds infinitely better than a behringer, cheap mackie (the new 1604
vlz pro does osund good) or spirit.


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