[sdiy] [OT] Behringer MX2642 - excessive heat?

Trevor Page trevor at resonance.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Aug 18 00:02:32 CEST 2002


Does anyone on here happen to own a Behringer MX2624 Eurorack mixing

I'm somewhat concerned about the heat generated by this thing. The rear
panel is often *too* hot to touch around the point where the external wall
wart is connected. I'm going to expect a certain degree of heat from those
regulators but this is excessive. So, I'm curious to know what other 2624
(or similar model) owners might have to say.

The particular version of the 2642 I have is probably the earliest, since
it's coloured black. And it does function fine, despite the above.



Trevor Page
Leeds, UK

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