[sdiy] More Damn chip IDs.

Rainer Buchty buchty at cs.tum.edu
Sat Aug 17 21:03:35 CEST 2002

> SCN2772 A    --> 40 pin DIL package

Sure this one's not 2672? In that case it'd be a 40-pin "non-vga video
controller" according to Partminer. 2772 is not in their database.

> SCN2670      --> 28 pin DIL package

Character Generator

> CP3351       --> 40 pin DIL package.

If it was 28 or 32pin I'd say it's an 8-bit uC (an 8048 derivate
according to Partminer), but I haven't found any reference to a 40-pin

> So if anyone can nail these down and point me at some nfo about them, I'd
> appreciate it.

Personally, I always use www.chipdir.org and www.partminer.com to find
information on any kind of IC.



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