[sdiy] More Damn chip IDs.

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Sat Aug 17 20:21:43 CEST 2002

Y-ellow All.
         Yeah. It's me again. I'm wondering if anyone would have the data 
on the following ICs. Can't nail them anywhere. No amount of googling 
regurgitates anything and there's a big hole in the chip directory where 
these might have once lived. I'm not even sure what they are although I 
think one of them is a video controller.

SCN2772 A    --> 40 pin DIL package
SCN2670      --> 28 pin DIL package
CP3351       --> 40 pin DIL package.

I suspect the 26xx numbers are part of the old signetics 2600 family and 
indeed, they're all flying the signetics moniker but they're being driven 
by an 8031. All on a board that I suspect is from an old DG terminal. This 
board could save me a lot of time in noshing together a little controller 
system I have in mind. It's prolly got a whole pile of stuff I don't need 
but then again I don't know. But it's the right form factor and has a 
proper serial and parallel port on it. With a bunch of RAM and stuff ready 
to go. Don't really need the video but if it's there and wants to play 
along, I'm happy for it to do so.

So if anyone can nail these down and point me at some nfo about them, I'd 
appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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