[sdiy] Bypass caps: Tantalum or Ceramic?

Ken Stone sasami at hotkey.net.au
Sat Aug 17 09:32:14 CEST 2002

One Databook I have here says to use a single Tant per PCB, with 0.1 close
to each chip on the PCB. I use Tants myself even though they have the
occasional problems. 

For the record, I have only found a single shorted one in commercial
equipment in my life. I have however had a pair of them go off like blow
torches in a DIY project, though both of these were old ones I salvaged
(>20years), and due to poor markings, *may* have been put in backwards. They
survived several hours then whoosh - blowtorch effect, and dead short across
the power rails. (they blew about 2 days apart).

>I ussualy use 10uF tantal and 0.1uF ceramic on each rail
>close to the chip. For logic ICs I use only 0.1uF
>People complain about tantals, but I have never seen a broken
>one. Well, I've seen, but this was the one I tested what happens
>when I heet it with soldering iron for veeery long.
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>> So what do most folks prefer for bypass caps: tantalum or ceramic?
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