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Sat Aug 17 08:47:53 CEST 2002

> These things are starting to sound as good as they look. 

Please, take it from someone who's done a lot of research/reading
in early electronics...those early germanium power transistors were
BAD news. Very prone to leakage current,
thermal runaway and to lead breakage.
They didn't have high-current ohmic contacts perfected until
the mid-60s. 2N1759 is a military device, from around 1957.

A copy was made by the Russians, so it must have been used in
military radios. Soviet factories used to get American mil radio
gear (from spies) and reverse engineer it. Everything, even the
nuts and bolts, were copied.

btw, "K in a box" I think was the logo of Karr Electronics, a looong defunct
semiconductor maker in New Jersey.

>Do they have a complimentary NPN as well that look like this?

Don't even think about it. In them days, all transistor totem-pole power drivers
used quasi-complementary (both + and - sides using the same type)
with a driver transformer.....because complements were usually not
available....most power devices were PNP only....this is why it took until
the late 60s for transistor audio power amps to really take off--only when
decent NPN-PNP complementary devices were readily available.
Early transistor radios often used a single PNP power device with an
output transformer for audio output....

That thing is a collector's item, Batz! Don't use it!!!
Its performance will suck, anyway.....

E. Barbour

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