[sdiy] dx, chorus and Spock

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I thought I would spark some interesting conversations - I had no idea. This
makes me want to dig out my cognitive sciences books again... I lent some
out and just got them back. One of them is called "Consciousness Explained"
and it has some descriptions of experiments with the senses. I think there
was one that somehow demonstrated that our sight processing "sees" events
something like 10 milliseconds after they really happen. And in "Godel
Escher Bach" there are postulated "Grandmother cells" in our optics, that
see only your Grandmother's face. It's a joking way of referring to "macro"
functions in our sensory systems where we learn to lump together complex
signals into one perceived event.

And there *are* spectrum analyzers on ebay! The HP ones look especially
cool. I wonder if the HP spectrum analyzers give the best results when
looking at signals from HP function generators?

- Gene

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I have been doing a lot of research into the physiology of the ear. The
engineers, physiologists and audiologists each have there own traditions and
analysis methods and there does not seem to be much cross fertilization
between disciplines.

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