Antwort: [sdiy] Poly 800 mods, no patch loading

Christian.Bergmiller at Christian.Bergmiller at
Fri Aug 16 11:02:58 CEST 2002

My experience with the patch loading ist that the "load" leds HAVE to flash. 
this seams to indicate that the micro is able to read the zeros and ones from 
fm signal on the tape (or cd or whatever).
I had to try different wav files from the internet until i found one that 
worked well with my poly800 (i purchased from ebay).

btw. the guy who sold it to me offered it as "in perfect working condition" 
actually there was a brocken tl062 that caused all eight voices to sound when 
only one
key was pressed (all voices at different frequencies - ugly sound) .... 
different people seem to different  opinions on the term "perfect working"!


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