[sdiy] Grateful users

Scott Deyo thom_s4 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 16 02:21:35 CEST 2002

I haven't really been following this thread, but Eric helped me with very 
inane, beginner-type questions on building a tube synth on my own. Read his 
articles on Ken's site, or in Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine, and his passion 
for tubes and synthesis, and the history and future of both, is obvious.

And to be grateful, I would like to officially thank everyone who has helped 
my modular grow, especially Eric, Tony Allgood, Ken Stone, Paul Schreiber, 
Gene Stopp and Magnus Danielson, Trevor Page, John Simonton, John Blacet, 
Roger Arrick, Grant Richter and Dave Wright. And those are just the most 
direct and obvious. Thanks to everyone on the list too -- it's a very 
exciting time to be doing this stuff!


>From: René Schmitz <uzs159 at uni-bonn.de>
>To: "Batz Goodfortune" <batzman at all-electric.com>, 
>synth-diy at dropmix.xs4all.nl
>Subject: Re: [sdiy] Grateful users
>Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 23:46:26 +0200
>There is a small number of people who are experimenting with tube based
>synthesizer circuitry. With encouraging results. And that is because of
>the pioneering work of Eric, else I wouldn't have done that for sure.
>  René
>uzs159 at uni-bonn.de

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