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Yes I know these guys!!! - I think my name is in the liner notes on one or
more of their CD's. :)

Brothers Neil and Alan Morse are originally from Granada Hills near where I
live, and Ryo Okumoto lines in Santa Monica. Ryo used my Mellotrons
sometimes in the studio and whenever they played here in LA (especially the
ProgFest shows), and I re-packaged his Hammond. It was a cut-down B3 and I
removed the lower manual, cut out half the drawbars, and stuck it into three
cases (top manual, tone generator, amp chassis). Not totally hum-free (ever
cut down a Hammond? Wire placement is an art!) but thru a noise gate it was
good enough for rock-n-roll.

Whenever these guys blow through town we always catch the show. Neil's wife
and my wife get together and share kid stories (both pregnant around the
same time). They're a blast, and the music is good too!

Dave the bass player used to be with Eddie somebody (Money? Rabbit?). Nick
the drummer played with the post-Phil Genesis guys at some point, also he's
heading up a Kevin Gilbert tribute here in Thousand Oaks in November at
ProgWest. Kevin Gilbert (rest his soul) was the front-of-house guy at the
ProgFest shows for S.B. He was a lot of fun too, until his untimely demise.
Sheryl Crow was his girlfriend at one point... Ryo tours with somebody
famous (Aretha Franklin? I forget...).

Ah the music biz... I don't have what it takes to be in it, I just provide
vintage stuff once in a while. Gets me into a lot of shows. :)

- Gene

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> Yeah I was talking about a different peddle. CE-2 in fact. We're talking
> plug pack here not built in mains.

And I would expect the circuit to be different, too. With all the many
chorus circuits in Roland synths, I have not seen two which are exactly
the same.

> It should be noted that a lot of Roland post 1980 synths' character was
> enhanced mainly by the use of an internal chorus unit. I found for
> that the Juno 106 was far more anaemic than a DX when the chorus was
> out.

Same for the Juno-6. Whithout chorus, it's good for arpeggios. With chorus,
for everything else.

> Indeed I had always noticed with a DX that by smoothing
> off the top end a bit, it sounded far more full and ballsy. Of course you
> could always run it through a valve stage. Now there's an idea! :)

When I had my DX-7, I had first run it thru a preamp with shelving Hi/Lo
and semiparametric Mids. I found that for most sounds, I wanted the Mids
boosted and the High slightly reduced. Then I built a hard-wired circuit
for exactly this EQ setting ant put it inside the DX-7. With a switch; but
I had the switch normally on.


PS.: Speaking of Peter Gabriel and his choice of chorus. I love his solo
work as well as his work with Genesis. (Seems like "Up" is finally coming
out this year?). Now a few weeks ago I "discovered" some wonderful Prog
musig from a band called "Spock's Beard". They are around since the mid
so many of you probably know them, but to me it was all new. I bought
their first album "The Light" and was totally blown away. I must have heard
this 6 or 7 times in succession now. Certainly the best Prog music I heard
a long time. To imagine that Genesis would make such music today ...
and "Gibberish" (from another album - I'm just starting to get them all) is
the first song *ever* that could be from Gentle Giant. Sorry for the OT rant
- I just had to share this.

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