[sdiy] Poly 800 mods, no patch loading

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It's been a while and I forget the particulars (something like the "load" 
forever/no "error" response), but I remember trying to patch load on my Poly 
800 mkII (from a Mac line out and p'haps from a cassette) and getting no 
results.  If and when I ever try again (and, um, succeed), I'll let you know.

Meantime, I've been suspicious that something was blown.  Doing these sorts 
of audio data dumps/loads with an old Roland TR 505 or whatever (long ago), I 
had few if any problems.

<<Mine was doing the exact same thing, flashing and all, and it seemed to be 
a simple level problem still.  It only started saying ERROR when I got closer 
to the proper volume level.  I just kept adjusting the volume in winamp and 
playing it again.  Also, mine is a bit picky with the tape in, I have to kind 
of hold it in place.

Does your soundcard not have a line-out?  Most do, so far as I know.

> Steve Begin

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>If you give me a week or two to get some 50k pots, I'll be trying out

> the moog slayer mod soon,  I did the other mod a few years ago and

> I wasn't too thrilled by it, so I'm curious to hear if the moog

> slayer mod will make this synth worth the trouble it gives me :)

Yeah, it looks like the slayer thing is a souped up version of the

other one.  I'll probably try it out one of these days (there'll be

pics!)  I hope yours goes smoothly.

> As for the problem getting to to accept through tape in, is saying

> ERROR after you play the file into it?  In my limited

> experience, if it says ERROR right at the very end of the file,

> it is a level problem.  It took me probably 15 tries to get it

> right the first time.

Unfortunately, it says nothing.  "LoAd"... forever.  At least if I

got "error", I'd feel I was getting close!  Same with verify...  ;_;

At high volumes, I sometimes notice the "LoAd" led's flashing.  I

wonder what that means.

>Also, since you are using a line level input, the tape in low/hi

> switch should be set to low.

You think?  I wondered about it.  Of course I have powered speakers,

but even without power, the sound card itself is putting out something

that seems hotter than line-level.  But I'm no expert!

Thanks for the info,


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