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When you see this kind of stuff you should report it. It only takes a 
minute and if enough people complain eBay will take care of it. 

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> Haha, that's awesome!  
> The one that drives me crazy is searching for analog synths and getting a 
> big list of EA-1's for sale, or "speak and spell"s being sold as vocoders.
> Then the other day I was searching for a dbx pb-48, and the only result was 
> a "FURMAN PB 40 NOT DBX PB 48"
> Gotta love the internet.
> > Steve Begin
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> HA... There was one just like this for sale over in the synth section a
> while back.  The guy was advertising it as a "vintage modular synth"  I
> dropped him a note being kind than maybe he didn't know what he had.   He
> told me I obviously didn't know what I was talking about since I had not
> sold anything recently.
> LH

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