[sdiy] Data transfer?

The Proteus proteus at ugwarehouse.org
Thu Aug 15 05:21:55 CEST 2002

	Alright, I'm about to embark on my first full DIY project out of
my home shop (not the work shop). It's essentially a digital oscillator
similar to either PPG or Wavestation oscillators, and will be able to fit
into a modular cabinet. One main feature of this unit is to give the user
the ability to create his/her own wavesequences. The question I'm mainly
interested in right now is: how should the user and data interface be
implemented? Effectively, this module is going to have CV/Gate inputs and
act like an analogue module, so how does one program a complicated
sequence of waves and crossfade times into this beast and be able to
transfer them around? I've thought about using CompactFlash, USB, even
MIDI bulk dump (MIDI->CV converter comes for free on top of that), but no
clean ways that don't look like either a Synergy or an old E-Mu memory
module come to mind. Help! ;-)


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