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harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Thu Aug 15 04:33:19 CEST 2002

Howdy Doug...

Nah... your slinky reverb is my WORST nightmare   ;^P

Looks pretty good (except the solderless breadboard part)....  The
slope front is kind of unique.... puts a whole new angle on the circuits

don't it....

Mind a suggestion of why your tilt-sensor prototpye gave unusual results
???   ;^P

...for those newbies who have not heard me rant on these breadboards...
I don't like them because they are not robust. More time may be taken
with a circuit that does not work for mechanical (bad contact - short)
parasitic electrical  (too much stray capacitance - lack of good

I had a friend in college who prototyped a voltage controlled theatrical
dimmer on one of these... It worked well just until he tried to show it
to a commercial
prospect (this was cutting edge technology in those days...  lights were
run by crude SCR dimmer packs, or even rheostats... and patched through
style matrices on steroids !!!).

It failed to work. For five agonizing minutes he mumbled "it works, it
really works..."
until the prospect left with the "don't call us we'll call you..."

He never did find that loose connection... he pulled all the parts out
and re-installed
them and it worked again....  several hours after opportunity knocked,
found no-one
home, and moved on  ;^(

I swore not to use these ever (myself)... every engineer I work with
hates them. Bob
Pease hates them.....

Some S-DIY 'ers like them. SOME of them like BBDs as well. No accounting
taste I guess.  ;^)

I do like Vector board and T42-1 push in terminals, 24 - 26ga bare (bus)
and teflon sleeving myself.  Its expensive (the clips are $.04 in
thousands...) but if
I make a successful proto, it can go in a metal box and work for the
next 30 years
(because some have.., and still do...) The teflon sleeving cannot be
melted with a soldering iron... so there are never any melted through or
stripped back insulation

Every short on those boards is put there by ME personally !!!

The technique of laying out such a circuit takes some skill, and
probably helps you
to draw the schematic, and really plan the layout.  It discourages just
"swapping out"
components... it can be done but takes more effort.  Worth it in my

So bless those who have success with whatever technique they like...but
don't cry
to me about your solderless breadboard problems  (i told you so  ;^)

H^) harry   (hard-wired harry)

epeasant at telusplanet.net wrote:

> Here is one of Harry's worst nightmares:
> www.angelfire.com/electronic/epeasant/images/breadbox.jpg
> and inside:
> www.angelfire.com/electronic/epeasant/images/breadin.jpg
> I built it in 1992 from mostly salvage parts (including
> case), has adjustable bipolar and fixed 5 volts power
> supply, 555 based audio oscillator, BNC connectors for
> signals and banana posts for other connections. 4 patchable
> toggle switches complete the unit. When I need a pot, I
> simply insert a trimpot where needed. It has served me well.
> Take care,
> Doug
> ______________________
> The Electronic Peasant
> www.electronicpeasant.com
> >     Maybe Harry shouldn't read this ;^) .... in involves
> > solderless plug
> > strips...
> >
> >     I modified my solderless plug strip today (something
> > I built from
> > off the shelf plug strips about 20 years ago).  One
> > problem with the
> > plug strip is that it is difficult to interface with
> > anything.
> >
> >     I mounted a 1" x 1" aluminum angle on the base board,
> > and drilled
> > holes for 2 pots and 7 1/4" jacks...although, after I
> > finished putting
> > the last jack in the thing, I realized I should have
> > included some
> > banana jacks as well (I use both...guess that makes me
> > schizophrenic...).
> >
> >     Anyway, looks like it will be a lot easier to quickly
> > build
> > something up and give it a test.
> >
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