[sdiy] Synth-DIY breadboard Module...

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Wed Aug 14 22:41:44 CEST 2002

I did about the same thing only using RCA instead of jacks.
The pots and RCAs are fitted with flexible wire.
On the end of each wire I put a small piece of stiff wire with heat shrink
so I have a kind of micro banana plugs to fit the strips.
I also hardwired the power and GND rails/strips to banana connectors for
easy power hook up.


From: patchell <patchell at silcom.com>

>     Maybe Harry shouldn't read this ;^) .... in involves solderless plug
> strips...
>     I modified my solderless plug strip today (something I built from
> off the shelf plug strips about 20 years ago).  One problem with the
> plug strip is that it is difficult to interface with anything.
>     I mounted a 1" x 1" aluminum angle on the base board, and drilled
> holes for 2 pots and 7 1/4" jacks...although, after I finished putting
> the last jack in the thing, I realized I should have included some
> banana jacks as well (I use both...guess that makes me
> schizophrenic...).
>     Anyway, looks like it will be a lot easier to quickly build
> something up and give it a test.
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