[sdiy] MN3205 Wanted

Joe Kramer musetrap at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 14 20:24:52 CEST 2002

Hi Friends,
    I found a cheap knock-off (another garage sale) of a Boss analog delay pedal.  It's certainly a knock-off because the layout of parts on the circuitboard exactly follows that of the Boss.  And it's cheap for two reasons: the controls for the Mix and
Repeat functions were reversed on the front panel (easy fix), and the delay chip used is the smaller capacity MN3208, which is exactly half that of the MN3205.  I would like to upgrade this to the 3205 for longer delay.  I have an MN3005, which is the
non-low-voltage version of the 3205, but my understanding it that they are not swappable.  These chips are getting hard to find.  Does anyone have an MN3205 they would be willing to sell or trade for my MN3005?  Thanks.

Joe Kramer

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