[sdiy] dx mods (was:FM Synth Designs)

Paul Maddox (QinetiQ) P.Maddox at signal.qinetiq.com
Wed Aug 14 17:55:27 CEST 2002


>(I don't have any cool VFs running a hitachi i/face  sadly.)

Luckily its the same as the VFDs I use in the Monowaves, these are LCD
emaulators from Futaba, they act and behave as if they were an LCD, and
they're *just* small enough to fit in 1U (about 5mm to play with)

>And to make
> matters just a little more interesting, I need the DDL to have a hugely
> long delay. In excess of 500mS.

why not use some SRAM, an AVR, an ADC and a DAC..
I built a simple 12 bit DDL like this, gives me about 1 second of delay
time, controlled via a rotary encoder..
Oh, and you can store the delay by holding down a button, to recall it just
press it quickly..

> Which brings me to the final question. Paul, how are you planning to fudge
> the front panel for the thing? I know there aren't many buttons but that
> PCB won't fit in a 1U box either. And copying the dial markings and making
> it look reasonable is a whole other story.

I planned on soldering some switchs to some Strip board and runnign wires
from each switch to the switchs on the board.. so the original switch board
will be inside the 1U case.
As for the copying, a small craft knife should do the trick...


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