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Lewis Bupp lbuppii at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 14 03:04:51 CEST 2002

For anyone I missed, here is the complete list of modules/parts I am getting 
rid of. Let me know if any of you are interested.


Module List:

1	8782A Encoded Keyboard w/DAC Interface				Make an offer
	This is not operational. This would be a great kbd
for someone who is building a new project and needs
some parts or a keyboard to experiment with. I have the original
set of plans and assembly instructions.

4700 Series Modules:

2 12 Step Analog sequencers. One is complete except for 3 missing
tuning knobs. Works pretty well but has that interaction in between
steps when tuning. There is a modification in the plans that is very simple
that will solve that problem. The other Seq. Is not assembled. I could be 
and used again, but this one is missing all tuning knobs. 		$60.00/both
	( Have Manuals)

1 	4 Channel Stereo Mixer	( Fully operational)			$45.00
	( Have Manuals)

1	Multi-Mode VCF		( Fully Operational)			$45.00
	( Have Manuals)

1	Balanced Modulator/VCA	( Fully Operational)			$30.00
	( Have Manuals)

2	Envelope Generators 	( Fully Operational)
	Both have been modified for longer sustain times and have an
	Attenuator for the input trigger.					$45.00each
( Have Manuals)							$65.00both

2	VCO’s	(One Fully Operational. One needs the capacitor for the
	sine wave replaced. I will mark the one that needs replaced. 		$45.00each
	( Have Manuals)								$65.00both

1 	Manual Transposer for VCO’s					$15.00
	(Have Manuals)

2720 Series Modules: All include manuals.

1 Function Generator ( Attack/Sustain Gen.)
Modified and operational.						$25.00

1	VCA 	(Modified. Simple VCA to work on. Not currently functioning, but can
	probably be repaired for less than $10.00)				$15.00

1 VFC ( Low Pass ) Not Operational. Can be repaired very inexpensively.

1 VCF ( Band Pass ) Not Operational. Can be repaired very inexpensively.

1	Envelope Follower/Trigger ( Do not knowif it works. Never used it.	$10.00

Home Brew/Paia EX:

1	Dual/Stereo 6 Channel Mixer ( Fully Operational )			$25.00

1	HEX VCA ( Fully Operational and a pretty quiet VCA for the $$	$25.00

1	2720 Power Supply Front Panel ( no PC board, just panel)		$10.00

3 Watt Block front Panels ( Modified and I have the PC boards,
But these are mostly used for patching multiple signals.		$10.00each
								$25.00all 4


1 	Tube Head	( Works according to Paia’s specs)			$45.00

1	Dual Limiter	(Works according to Paia’s specs)			$20.00

1	Headphone Amp ( Fully Operational)				$25.00

1/8 – 1/8 Patch Cables Various Lengths					$2.00 each
¼ -1/4 	Patch Cables   Various Lengths					$3.00 each
FrakRack Front Panels:

( None have been drilled. Some might have some scratches on them from
moving and storage. Great for blank panels, new projects, etc. )

Single Space Panels	$2.00each
Double			$3.50each
Triple			$4.50each

Most prices are negotiable. Buyer pays all shipping and COD charges. All 
sales are final! I can provide digital pics upon request.

MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: 

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