[sdiy] Dirty sliders

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Problem is, many of the so-called *contact cleaners* still have
incompatibilities with certain plastics.. I have had one contact
cleaner work well with polyester plastics and polycarb, but react to
urethane-based plastic, and it ate away and pitted the urethane. Other
cleaners have eaten away the polyester, but left the urethane..

Its hard to say what will happen for any given action, but its
generally better to not be the beta tester, and I have yet to see
water destroy anything, esp if you are really worried, use distilled

I have found that out the hard way a couple of times.. The soap and
water is the only tried and true non-reactive cleaner there is.

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> Maybe I'm missing something here, but what about contact cleaner
spray? It's
> made to be compatible with electronic assemblies, and is readily
> Tim Servo
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> >I have had some good luck with dish detergent and water, if you can
> >believe that! ;) A dishwasher tends to work nicely too, but don't
> >your wife know. ;)
> >Afterwards, a bit of silicone lube gel works wonders.. Off of the
> >advice of K. Lightner, I have taken whole boards from an arp oddy,
> >em in Simple Green, dried it, and it came up perfectly, much to my
> >amazement.  A bit of lube jel squirted down into the sliders, and
> >as new..
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