[sdiy] FM Sytnthesis, was: Yamaha PSS460 users?

Glen mclilith at ezwv.com
Tue Aug 13 05:28:38 CEST 2002

At 07:49 PM 8/12/02 , Jay Schwichtenberg wrote:
>To me the ultimate FM synth is a Yamaha FS1R: 88 algorithms, 8 operators, 7
>waveforms, format synthesis, quite DACs, effects, lousy user interface. Also
>it can take DX7/DX7II patches via MIDI.

A good synth module that hasn't been mentioned yet is the TG77. This was the
best FM synth at the time of its release, but the FS1R (which came later) is
more versatile. The TG77 has the advantage of being relatively cheap these
days, especially considering all the things it can do.


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