[sdiy] Metric OT rant

Neil Johnson nej22 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Sun Aug 11 20:34:55 CEST 2002

> Poetry in Metric is no problem
> "And when I try to measure my 'peter'...
> I find its just a centimeter..."  ;^(

Don't be a prick,
Switch to metric!
Here in Blighty
(we're so mighty!)
Its a cinch
To use the inch.
And please don't hound
The poor old pound.
And be sure to smile
For the English mile
When you travel far
In your motorcar.
And when you pounce
On our dear old ounce,
Stop for a second,
Or maybe a minute
And join in the fun
'Cos it is, innit!

[way OT now, but its Sunday :)]
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