[sdiy] Metric OT rant

harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Sun Aug 11 18:32:57 CEST 2002

Colin Fraser wrote:

> The tip of my index finger to the first knuckle is an inch. My forearm
> is a foot long.
> By the 'rack of the eye', everything is in imperial units to me.
> What natural reference is there for a millimetre, or a metre ?

Hah... its some fraction of the alleged Diameter of the Earth.  Well that
out having it be the King's forearm (allrightey)... as we sometimes change

and (i concede) we all live on the SAME planet (well...maybe with the
of Batz  ;^) .... so we could argur the standard is the same for all...

But hey... who is gonna go around the earth every few years and calibrate it
ISO standards... and what about MARS ???

Yes...what about Mars ?  Should THEY be forced to apply such a geocentric
standard ???

My bitch is that when I need to work on a "thing"... there is no way to
visually that the fasteners are english, or metric. So I assume "english",
walk 20 yards
(or is that 18 meters ???)... to the tool crib and get the wrong wrench.

Hey...maybe my problem is not with metric after all... maybe its with
Murphy's law ?

H^) harry (correspondant from Demeter....)

more rant inline...

> When you're dividing something up, how often do you need to divide into
> 10 parts, as opposed to half, thirds, or quarters ?
> With 12 inches in a foot, you can divide a foot into 2, 3, 4, or 6
> parts, with a whole number of inches.

Yes... lets also divide our frequencies by 10's ... instead of two's,
threes... etc.
That would sound great ! (not)

> As a practical example, when I was calculating the size of cutout I
> needed for some keyswitches on a panel, and marking the switch
> positions, the size I had for the switch was given as 19mm. I was trying
> to mark increments of 19mm along the panel for the right number of
> switches, counting in my head.
> 19, 38, 57, 76... ugh.
> When I realised I was dealing in 3/4 inch steps, it got a lot easier...
> This is a rare case where the US of A has the right idea.
> Mine's a pint !

er... mine's 12 inches....

H^) harry

> Colin f

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