[sdiy] 1v/oct trimming: how does it work?

Jeffrey Pontius jpont at stat.ksu.edu
Sun Aug 11 17:37:01 CEST 2002

I've assembled several kits where adjusting a trimpot is used to set a
1v/oct 'scale', which I've done by using a keyboard, Korg tuner, and
adjusting the trimpot until (usually, but not always) the octave pitches
on the tuner stabilize (say, at A). I'm sure most of you have done this.

I would appreciate a basic explanation of how adjusting the trimpot and
sending 1 volt jumps (from the keyboard) enables the circuit to
'stablize' at 1v/oct.  To me, a trimpot is a small potentiometer, so I
assume that there is some component in a sub-circuit that is being
'permanently' changed.

Are the tolerances of components used critical to achieving a 'stable'

Thanks [novice electronics module assembler], Jeff

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