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Hi Rob and everyone,

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> > for those interested (if you read Polish):
> > www.merkar.com.pl
> Might as well get some practice ;) . I have actually entertained
> emigrating there once I finish up my next degree.. Seems as though the
> manufacturing quality in Poland is now *very* good and it will soon be
> a shining star of quality and foreign investment is starting to pick
> up at a breakneck speed...

Let me tell you this. About 15 years back, and probably even
in more distant past, it was presumed that Polish equipment like
consumer stereos etc. is far superior than foreignn. And it was
true to some extent. E.g. we were not prepared for all than
western marketing crap. When specs said bandwidth up to
15kHz, it was flat till 15kHz. Foreign tape deck also stated
15kHz, but the frequency response was down by 20-30dB there.
Not to mention that PMPO bullshit. There was some amplituner
designed maybe 30 years ago, top of the cream among Polish
manufacturers, that is still considered very good nowadays.
It was allways good quality, aspecially if it was private business,
not especially known to tax office ;)

But then, companies were closed. I don't know if we have at
least one making consumer audio equipment now. Then far-east
and western crap has started flooding the market. It was more
colorfull, beautifully packed, so everybody bought that, while in fact
it was worse that anything made years ago.

Later investments from other countries has started, as well as
several clever guys also started legal businesses. Now I guess
half of that crap is manufactured here. OTOH there are companies
I could be proud of. With good quality and recognized all over
the world. They are mainly in industrial applications, as well
as some pro-audio. And I guess also TVs, mainly because
watching TV is main sport here. I once went to a guy who had
a tower of pay-TV decoders higher than TV itself. He even had
SCART switch for 6 or more inputs, every one used of course.
And the apartment looked like shit. Guess they only watch TV
and drink vodka.

> I have tested TVs from Poland recently, and they rival any high end
> TVs out there in terms of quality, from Sony or anywhere else.. Pretty
> amazing actually.
> And, with the quality, I doubt the prices will stay that low for very
> long. :)
> Rob

Don't know about others, but all Thomson TVs smaller than 28''
are made here. That's what they told me when I aplied for work
there. Who knows, maybe Sony will invest here to0, so the quality
improves then... :)

As for PCB, which was probably the reason of this thread,
I can't complain for the quality. The fab I use has the worst
quality available and it's still pretty good. I have no problem
finding a place doing PC-mobo type of board. That's probably
because most top quality makers sell their stuff abroad, and it
was allways like that here - good for export, if doesn't pass
quality check - domestic market.
Probably because we have western prices and eastern sallaries.

However if you think Poland will get new investments, and
all this "shining star of quality" thing you say, think it over.
We have 20% unemployed angry people here. Companies
making big profits 2 years ago are now being colsed. At my
job 120 people lost their jobs about 2 months ago. It's getting
worse each day.

And all I wanted was to say was how happy I am that someone
thinks Poland is a cool place, which, BTW *IS*.


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