[sdiy] Metric OT rant

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Sun Aug 11 06:31:43 CEST 2002

Y-ellow Harry, Andre 'n' Y'all.
         Harry Harry Harry. What can I say? You're a dinosaur. Metric is 
easy. Take your shoes off and count your toes as well if necessary.

We metricated in the sixties and although I deal with imperial all the 
time, all that fractional stuff is lame. Whitworth/BA/BS/WTF. Do you go 
down to your local screw vendor and say. "I'll have sixpence of 3/16 bolts 
please. Oh and throw in a hapenny of 1/8ths as well while you're at it 
there Gov'na."?

Actually despite my gravitating toward metric I still use a great deal of 
imperial stuff. And of all the things I could have a mathematical problem 
with, screw sizes aren't one of them. But I standardized on a small range 
of metric and haven't looked back. 3mm nuts and bolts mainly. Although the 
supreme irony is that the longest 3mm bolts I have at the moment are 1" 
long. Go figure?

And you know, where does the electronic industry get off with it's 1/10th 
Inch pin spacing. Now if that's not a bastardized standard worthy of NASA 
approval I don't know what is. A metricated Inch.

And then we come to the humble "MILL" 1/1000ths of an inch. Oh joy! So 
you're working on your latest PCB layout and you're constantly working in 
metric and imperial to the point where you just get use to it. Clearance in 
Mills, pin spacing in decimal inches and mountings in metric. What could be 

But if you think that's bad, spare a thought for the big cheeses at 
McDonalds. They ended up dropping the "quarter pounder" all together here. 
Everyone went. "What the fuck is that?" People were afraid to take their 
kids into one of their so-called restaurants in case some staff member 
leaned over the counter and quarter-pounded them.

Metric is so simple. It's easy to standardize on and we're use to counting 
in base 10. Now if they tried to adopt an octal based system I'd have been 
just a bit hesitant.

Everything should be metric. What happened to the push for metric time? 10 
hour days. What could be simpler? And lets face it a 12.5 hour working week 
sounds a hell of a lot better than 40. Of course 10 day weeks would be a 
bit of a bitch.

But just remember. If the bolt fits, screw it!

Be absolutely Icebox.

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