[sdiy] Report on New VCO card...

patchell patchell at silcom.com
Sun Aug 11 00:01:28 CEST 2002

    I posted this picture yesterday:


    Well, I did some testing on the card and here is what I think...

    1. Not too sure I like the switchcraft PCB mount 1/4" jacks...Unlike
the panel mount jacks, when you put the plug in you don't get that
satisfying snap that tells you it was plugged in.  Yeah, sort of a minor
quibble, but still...

    2.  I can't believe I made a mistake (simple mistake) on the
schematic...had to put some cuts and jumps on it.

    3.  I used that exponential converter circuit that was in EDN a
while back that looked like a good idea (ie, it provides a voltage
proportional to temperature that can be used to compensate it instead of
a Tempco Resistor).  I am not really sure I like this circuit.  It can
latch up...which might be a problem.  I am going to check the
temperature compesating peformance when I have time.  This might sway my
opinion...right now, I am tempted to just stick with the one I desinged.

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