[sdiy] Yamaha PSS460 users?

Joe Kramer musetrap at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 10 22:21:13 CEST 2002

Hi Friends,
    I found this little toy at a yard sale for twenty bucks and bought it with no
expectations.  In the last week it has become my favorite keyboard of all time.  It has
a five-slider "Digital Synthesizer" section that allows you to create sounds by way of
(I think) FM synthesis, as well as allowing you modify the 21 garden-variety presets.
The range of sounds is really impressive--immense bass, brilliant highs, all kinds of
really bizzare aliasing artifacts when the sliders are misadjusted.  Thankfully, it also
has line out jacks (RCA).  On the downside, it has those minikeys, and no midi.  I'm in
the process of getting hold of the schematics.  If anyone has one of these and ideas
about how to modify, upgrade or tweak it, please share.  Thanks.

Joe Kramer

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