[sdiy] Vernier Dials Question

Jay Schwichtenberg jays at aracnet.com
Sat Aug 10 20:49:25 CEST 2002

I think they are pretty neat looking but hate them for freq adj. Problem is
it takes 5 minutes to turn them from one end of their range to the other.
With a two control system (course/octive & fine tune) you can tune things
real quick. Basicly you have a '2 turn' system.


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> Sure you can use them....but they cost a FORTUNE and are overkill for some
> applications - in my humble opinion.
> Verniers behave simularily to highly accurate mutli-turn trimmers.
> Depending on the type, it may take 10 full rotations of the knob
> to get the
> equivalent of one turn of a standard pot (rail to rail).  Some
> are geared so
> that the knob portion (the part you grab and turn) rotate at a different
> rate physically to the outer indicator wheel (like the
> Putneys/Synthis did).
> Some have little window indicators on top (much like the date window on an
> old mechanical watch) which indicate what turn you are on.  Some
> have three
> digital mechanical displays above the knob in which to indicate your
> positition. In any event, you are normally paying about 20 to 30 times as
> much for a vernier than a standard pot.
> Now you can appreciate why they may be overkill in certain
> applications.  A
> ten turn level offset for a VCA would be frustrating (to me, anyway).
> Yet for filter and oscialltor freq they can be way cool.  Rids you of the
> need of a fine tune pot, that's for sure.
> I believe ( i may be wrong here) there is no such thing as a log vernier -
> they are all linear by nature - yes?
> I have heard horror stories about when (if) they get dirty - cleaning them
> with the wrong solvent or using somehting like WD-40 will goop them up so
> they are hard to operate.
> hope this helps,
> Peter
> on 8/10/02 12:11 AM, prototek at prototek at optonline.net wrote:
> >
> > I love the look of those old school Vernier Dials. I'm not familiar with
> > their exact nature, but I would really like to use them as
> knobs. Is this
> > possible to do on 1/4" pots? Is it as easy as using a standard
> "minimoog"
> > style knob, or are there other things involved?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > John
> >

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