[sdiy] Latest Project (VCO)

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Fri Aug 9 23:53:53 CEST 2002

Please tell me that's like 4 of them!!!

Paul S.

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>     Here is a photo of the latest PC board I am working on.
> http://www.silcom.com/~patchell/synthmodules/2001007.jpg
>     Not quite all the parts are in it (but enough to test it).  The idea
> behind this board is two fold.  First, the amont of wiring the board
> will require is minimal, since most of the pots and jacks are right on
> the board.
>     Second, it has the lastest experimental temp comp circuit on it.
> Hopefully, I corrected a problem that was in the design originally (I
> had a minor inversion, it originally would have doubled the tempco
> instead of making it zero...minor detail :-) Ian pointed this out. )
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