[sdiy] Two really dumb questions re Schaeffer and soldering

Rainer Buchty buchty at cs.tum.edu
Fri Aug 9 22:03:39 CEST 2002

> 2) Here's a soldering question. I haven't done any serious DIY since my
> Paia days many decades ago, but one bit of advice I remember from the Paia
> manuals was to always heat-sink semiconductors when soldering them. This is
> a royal pain in the ass, and tremendously impractical. Is it really
> necessary?

Since BGA-packaged ICs are "baked" for ~1 day at 180-200°C prior to
soldering to get the humidity out and then get stressed with ~220°C during
the BGA soldering process, I wonder why it'd need a heat sink if you do
pin-by-pin soldering.



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