[sdiy] Two really dumb questions re Schaeffer and soldering

Jim Johnson jamos at technotoys.com
Fri Aug 9 21:05:32 CEST 2002

.. so as I sit here waiting for CVS to download a huge project over my
IDSL line, I decide to use the time "productively" to get the answers to a
few things that have been bugging me..

1) I'm working on a Schaeffer panel layout, and I need some countersunk
holes. But.. damn.. there are four choices for the type of countersink:
(DIN 74A through C, and DIN 661). I know that if I go into the local "screw
and nut" store and ask for screws with a specific countersink angle,
they'll look at me like I'm the nut (ohh, witty).. so how do I know what to
use for generic metric screws? The Schaeffer help is just a little
misleading (one type for metal screws, and one for "normal" screws.. oh,
great). Given the cost of the panel I really don't want to screw up
(groan...).. can anyone shed some light here?

2) Here's a soldering question. I haven't done any serious DIY since my
Paia days many decades ago, but one bit of advice I remember from the Paia
manuals was to always heat-sink semiconductors when soldering them. This is
a royal pain in the ass, and tremendously impractical. Is it really


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