[sdiy] Anyone use silk screen process?

Paul Maddox (QinetiQ) P.Maddox at signal.qinetiq.com
Fri Aug 9 11:47:13 CEST 2002


> I did a whole load of silkscreening back in the Modulus days....

they were the days....

>joined a
> local craft printing workshop.....they thought I was a bit odd....It was
> moderately timeconsuming making up the artwork and printing panels but
> you zoom through 20 or so panels in a no time flat....

This was the case with the monowave, the biggest cost was the silkscreen
creation, some 80 UKP, the cost for eachpanel to be painted was then about 1
UKP each...

>IIRC Paul Harding has
> probably got the biggest collection of my panels currently in use on a
> synth...I spotted three VCO's, a pair of quad audio VCA's and a pair of CV
> utility panels in the pics of his synth on Paul M's site...

I also used them, though I wanted them blue so I used the reverse side..
Look at the rear shot of the Modulus Modular and you can see some VCO and
ADSR panels :-)

I have to say they looked very good, my only problem is that I'm obsessed
with blue synths...

"I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel..... and its blue!"
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