[sdiy] Evergreen DIY was Introduction and a question

John L Marshall john.l.marshall at gte.net
Fri Aug 9 01:17:29 CEST 2002

We could meet in Portland or Oly. Someone else would need to set it up

I get the space at Renton Technical College for free, a very good price. No
charge for broken tables either.

Saturday or Sunday are probably best for the meeting.

Synth DIYers in Vancouver and Victoria see Seattle as pretty central. But
then, none showed up last time.

Take care,
Pacific Northwest DIY Synthesizer meeting, July 20, 2002
See: www.sound-photo.com

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> Could we have it somewhere more like near the center of the northwest this
> time, ie Portland, rather than up at the north edge (Seattle)?
> Also, maybe the schedule could be coordinated with other electronic music
> events: (Wakeman played in Seattle 3 days after the earlier meet).
> Jim

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