[sdiy] Evergreen DIY was Introduction and a question

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The next PNW DIY Synthesizer meeting is January 18, 2003. You are welcome to

I will post photos from the last meeting this weekend.

Take care,
Pacific Northwest DIY Synthesizer meeting, July 20, 2002
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> Hi,
> I graduated from Evergreen, attending '88-'91. It's a fantastic place for
> DIY and the perfect environment for a self-starter. I learned most of my
> analog and digital electronics there based on a cycle of design
something ->
> build it -> use it in the studio to create an original composition ->
> repeat. The programs encourage self-learning and have a supportive staff
> this type of style. I have to thank Evergreen for facilitating the
> educational environment that prepared me for my "dream job" that I have
> :)
> Sorry for being slightly OT but I mention it in case there are
> readers/friends/family looking for this type of learning
> environment--definately check it out. The world needs more folks that have
> the creativity and broadness of skills to perpetuate innovation in the
> electronic music community!
> regards,
> Peff
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