[sdiy] Source for online Vacuum Tube books in PDF format !

Michael Buchstaller buchi at takeonetech.de
Thu Aug 8 14:47:01 CEST 2002

Hello tube lovers here,

some time ago i aked for some bood books on tube theory.
A member over on the Vacuumtubes mailing list posted this link:

>I know at it can be not easy to find good theory books on the
>electonic tubes. Technical documentations like the RCA tubes manual
>are very good but not as complete as a good theory book. 
>A swiss citizen have a site to http://www.radau5.ch/valves.html with a
>lot of theory.
>He have very interesting staff and it's free. Both in english and
>german. From low to high frequency and a lot on the audio amplifier.

I downloaded some of the files, and found them to be  very interesting
to read. exactle what i have been looking for.

-Michael Buchstaller

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