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Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Thu Aug 8 03:18:16 CEST 2002

Y-ellow All.
         I had all sorts of comments to make on this and the "A Good Read" 
thread but I just thought. There's someone on this list even more deserving 
of your support. Though he would never care to admit it.

Amongst other things, Eric Barbour has gone to a lot of trouble to design 
valve based synthesis modules and it seems I'm the only person here who's 
even shown an interest in them. Yet a lot of people here have lamented over 
the years that this is exactly the kind of stuff that's lacking out there. 
Not only are we talking new features, we're talking never before heard of 
features. From what I understand, despite his best efforts, there are 
certain clowns who's dissed him badly for even trying to do this stuff. The 
same people who've been screaming out for it. Mostly on other certain EM 
lists but you'll note that people here are hardly holier than thou.

I love my little TM-1. I'd buy everything that Eric makes, (And Paul and 
Tom and Gene etc etc for that matter) if I weren't an impoverished disabled 
musician/artist type. Not because it's valve gear. I'm not a purist of any 
kind. But because it's truly innovative. And for that matter, so is 
everyone else here who makes stuff. We are the true craft's persons of 
electronic musical instruments. And I think it's a shame that no-one else 
here has realized what Eric has achieved.

Whilst most people consider valves only for "THAT WARM TUBE SOUND" Eric 
recognized that there were some unique properties of valves that could be 
exploited to do weird and wonderful things. And where else are you going to 
find voltage controlled valve gear?

I'm not even really talking about getting everyone to go out and support 
Eric by buying this stuff but Eric deserves a bit of recognition for having 
put a large chunk of his bread and butter time aside for advancing the art 
where no-one else has even ventured. And I just think it's a shame that 
almost everyone here has overlooked what's staring them in the face. Have a 
closer look at what some of this stuff does. Ignore the fact that it's 
valve gear if you have to. And give him a much needed pat on the back.

I'm not talking about hypocrisy but I think we all tend to do what we 
complain about people doing to us and I think Eric needs all the 
encouragement we can give him. And I like to think that Eric will still be 
making this stuff by the time I can afford to buy more of it.

Be absolutely icebox.

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