[sdiy] Evergreen DIY was Introduction and a question

rdonker at oz.net rdonker at oz.net
Thu Aug 8 00:18:14 CEST 2002

I assume your taking about The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA? I
was the Electronic Music Lab Tech their from 1976 ~ 1982 and could not
agree with you more. I completed my degree (4 years of individual contarct
on the subject) around a Synth DIY project using 6502 to control the BUCLA
music Easel. Still my favorite machine. Did several performances using the
Synthi, the Music Easel and my 2.5 panel Serge System all controlled with
a 6502 on a S-100 buss, with 8 pulse outs and 8 D/A converters. Those
where the good old days.... no MIDI...
-Robert P. Donker

> Hi,
> I graduated from Evergreen, attending '88-'91. It's a fantastic place
> for  DIY and the perfect environment for a self-starter. I learned most
> of my  analog and digital electronics there based on a cycle of design
> something ->  build it -> use it in the studio to create an original
> composition ->  repeat. The programs encourage self-learning and have a
> supportive staff for  this type of style. I have to thank Evergreen for
> facilitating the  educational environment that prepared me for my "dream
> job" that I have now  :)
> Sorry for being slightly OT but I mention it in case there are
> readers/friends/family looking for this type of learning
> environment--definately check it out. The world needs more folks that
> have  the creativity and broadness of skills to perpetuate innovation in
> the  electronic music community!
> regards,
> Peff
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