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    EasyTrax is actually a profesional level program.  You used to have to pay good
money to get it.  Protel made it free since it was the lowest level product and it
ran in DOS.  EasyTrax is actually a pretty good program.  I have Autotrax, which is
the advanced version.  For a DOS program, it is very nice (nicer than the windows
version, if you ask me).

Roman wrote:

> Am I the only lucky here?
> At my place they accept files from FREE EasyTrax, and prices are
> good. On Monday I picked 5 boards, 1-sided with soldermask,
> about 10x5cm (4''x2'') and paid equivalent of 10$ total.
> My biggest order was 4 sequencer boards, each about 23x15cm,
> double sided, soldermasked, with silkscreen, and it cost me
> something below 100$.
> for those interested (if you read Polish):
> www.merkar.com.pl
> Roman
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> > > I should follow this up with one caveat to using profesional board
> > > houses...they expect professional quality artwork, which means you will need
> > > to get a PC board CAD program.
> >
> > Also they expect artwork in Gerber format. You MUST have a Gerber viewer to
> > check your output plots!!! Otherwise you will waste a LOT of money.
> >
> > Look for a program called "GCPrevue" which is a free Gerber code viewer.
> >
> > This allow you to check your aperture tables, plots and drill tables for
> > accuracy.
> >

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